How Many Aquaman Movies are There? Here is the Answer for You

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Aquaman has gained lots of attention since it is one of the highest-grossing movies of the DC character. Lots of fans are waiting for the next movie and they expect that the movie is better than the previous one. However, a lot of people are wondering how many Aquaman movies are there? If you also want to get the answer for this question, continue reading.

How Many Aquaman Movies are There?

How many Aquaman movies are there? This question might be lingering on your mind because lots of people think that there is only one movie of this DC character. Actually, if we are talking about Aquaman, this character has appeared in some DC movies as well as an animated mini series. In one movie, he is not the main character and in the other one, it is only a cartoon character. Here are the details for you.

  1. Justice League
  2. Before the official Aquaman movie, Jason Momoa appeared as one of the characters in the Justice League movie along with other heroes. However, in this movie, his appearance is considered as not really special because there are other heroes that are also familiar and famous among the fans.

    Through this movie, you will get to know about Aquaman DC heroes for the first time. Although this character has appeared as a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn and Justice, the movie introduces Aquaman as if it is the first time he appeared in public.

    In this movie, you will also meet Amber Heard who plays Mera. They will meet for the first time in this movie and they will have a conversation in the water. Interestingly, how they carried out the conversation will be different from the Aquaman movie that you have known for a while. Other than that, there are some different details that you will notice in this movie so that the fans can expect how many Aquaman movies are there.

  3. Aquaman
  4. How many Aquaman movies are there? Actually, this is the first. A complete story about the character is explained well in the Aquaman movie. This is the first movie that makes Aquaman the main character and it directly gained lots of attention from the DC fans. Plus, it is considered one of the successful DC movies because it gets $1.148 billion gross from all around the world.

    The introduction of this movie will take you back to 1985 where the queen of Atlantis named Atlanna fell in love with Thomas Curry, a lighthouse keeper. They met when he rescued her from the storm. Eventually, they have a half-breed son named Arthur who grew up without a mom because Atlanna was executed for having a half-breed son.

    Long story short, Arthur met with Mera, Nereus’ daughter. They joined hands to find the Trident of Atlan and prevent Orm from ruling the sea. Knowing this fact, Orm plans to kill Arthur so that he can become the king. Arthur and Mera try to escape, and they are reunited with Atlanna who was thought to be dead.

    At the end of the movie, you can also see the scene where the leader of the Russian submarine, David, meets Dr. Stephen Shin. Stephen wants to reach Atlantis for his research, while David wants to seek revenge against Arthur. If you are still wondering how many Aquaman movies are there, it can become a hint that there will be a sequel to this movie.

  5. Aquaman: King of Atlantis
  6. Aquaman also appears in an animated series entitled Aquaman: King of Atlantis. The movie can be streamed on HBO Max, not Disney Plus or Netflix. The mini series was aired after the Aquaman movies premiered as film series movies.

    The mini-series will take you to witness how King Arthur works together with Mera and Vulko. Together, they will fight numerous creatures that will threaten his throne. The movie also features a cast known as Ocean Master. Although the main character of this series is Aquaman, this series is not officially part of the DC Extended Universe or DCEU and you don’t need to be curious about how many Aquaman movies are there.

The Upcoming Aquaman Movie

How many Aquaman movies are there? The answer will be two because the sequel of the previous movie will premiere soon. The upcoming Aquaman movie is entitled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom which is also the 15th movie from the DCEU.

The movie will also include Jason Momoa as the main cast of the movie who plays Arthur. Aquaman 2 also features lots of amazing actresses and actors, such as Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, Temuera Morrison, Willem Dafoe, Yahya Abdul-Marteen II, Patrick Wilson, and Dolph Lundgren.

The development of this movie actually began in 2019 when Momoa stated that he would be involved in the sequel production. The script writing process also began in February 2019 and was scheduled to air on December 16, 2022. However, it was delayed because the director, James Wan, was involved in the Malignant movie in 2021 and left the fans wondering how many Aquaman movies are there.

Amber Heard also stated in November that she would not take part in this movie due to the problem with his ex-husband, Johnny Depp. Plus, the fans raised a petition to remove Heard from this movie. It makes the script need to be written over to reduce her part in the movie and still, the question of how many Aquaman movies are there lingers.

Then Walter Hamada, DC Films head, stated that the movie will focus on the chemistry of Arthur and Orm. He also said that the movie will take the buddy comedy theme so that the role of Heard is not important in this movie and you don’t need to wonder about how many Aquaman movies are there.

  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Release Date
  • You don’t need to be curious about how many Aquaman movies are there because this sequel will be aired in 2023. The production of this movie began in June 2021 after Wan finished the production of Malignant in 2019.

    There is also a delay with the movie release date because it was scheduled to come on March 17, 2023. The Covid-19 pandemic highly impacted the movie, especially in terms of visual effects, so the release date was pushed back to December 25, 2023. It means, you need to be very patient to wait for the trailer for this movie.

  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Storyline
  • As you can see in the post-credit scene of the previous Aquaman movie, the movie will revolve on the journey of Arthur to fight against David and Shin. However, the fans are plotting different stories about this movie based on the title and still questioning how many Aquaman movies are there.

    Although it is not clear where the Lost Kingdom itself is, the fans expect a more adventurous side of the movie. Plus, there was a hint from the director that the cast of the movie will explore more worlds in this movie, not just pools.

    In the first movie, Arthur was against Orm as the villain, but in this movie, he will work together with him and you can expect more chemistry from these two. It will be quite an interesting scene to watch and you can also expect some Thor and Loki moments from those two.

    The chemistry can be seen from the trailer that was posted in the DC FanDome in 2021. Momoa as Arthur stated that the storyline is very interesting and it will include some environmental issues from the world. He also said that the world is in danger and he will take part to tackle those issues.

    You can also see Black Manta from Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. He will wear a black suit that will show off this muscle and also a helmet with red eyes. It is quite a surprise for the fans because they can expect more comic touches from the movie.

  • Aquaman and Justice League Connection
  • Although Aquaman was introduced in Justice Leagues, there will be no connection with this new movie. The only connection that they have is when Aquaman took part to save the world from the Steppenwolf. He also has his trident that was given by his mother, not a gift from Mera as seen in Justice League.

    The mother, Atlanna, also plays a different story in this movie. She didn’t abandon Arthur on a doorstep, but she was forced to leave him because of the Atlantic king. Because of those differences, you cannot expect this upcoming movie to be similar to the previous Justice League movie. So, do you still wonder how many Aquaman movies are there?

So, if you are looking for the answer for how many Aquaman movies are there, the answer is only two. The first one was aired in 2018 and the next one is expected to come in 2023. However, Aquaman has appeared before and there is an animated mini-series of this character.

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