How To Watch Pirates of the Caribbean in the Correct Order, Plus the Upcoming Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean contains several series that began in 2003. The movie series has captivated lots of attention since the beginning. The good news is that there will be the sixth movie that is awaited by the fans. If you are not familiar with the movies, worry not, you can begin to enjoy the movies by following this recommendation while waiting for the new movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean Movies in the Correct Order

If you haven’t watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, it actually contains five different series that came out before 2022. The first movie of the series came out in 2003 entitled The Curse of the Black Pearl, followed by the next four movies.

Johnny Depp is the star of the first movie, but he suddenly announced that he would not take part in the third series as Captain Jack Sparrow. He stated that he wanted to spend more time with his family so that the fans thought the series was no longer produced.

Lots of fans were disappointed because if we are talking about Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp comes to our mind. For the new series, Depp also stated that he would no longer be in the cast and it will be very hard to persuade him to come back. Despite all speculations, it is not too late to watch the series on streaming platforms starting with the first movie.

  1. The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003
  2. The first Pirates of the Caribbean film that you need to watch is The Curse of the Black Pearl that was released in 2003. In this movie, you will get to know some actors aside from Captain Jack Sparrow, such as Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Hector Barbossa.

    In this movie, you will join Captain Jack Sparrow to save Elizabeth Swann or, you can say, Turner’s love. On this journey, he is accompanied by Will Turner and they fight Hector Barbosa. Hector Barbosa is Jack’s enemy who owns a cursed ship called Black Pearl. Plus, the ship's crews will be mortal under the moonlight.

    Jack actually was the owner of Black Pearl. But Barbosa stole it from him along with the gold coins that were cursed and left him alone. The cursed gold coins make the pirates undead. If you are curious, you can watch this movie on Disney Plus.

  3. Dead Man’s Chest in 2006
  4. The second movie is entitled Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest that was released in 2006. This movie is the sequel of the first movie. You will see that Jack is reunited with Swann nearly at the end of the first movie, but when Turner and Swann plan to get married, they are disturbed by Tom Hollander who plays Lord Cutler Beckett.

    Beckett is the chairman of the East India Trading Company. In this movie, he wants to arrest Turner and Swann because they are working together with Jack. Then, he offers a good deal for both of them.

    He needs them to bring him Jack’s compass because it will help him find the Dead Man Chest. They also need to capture Davy Jones’ heart so that he can rule over the seas. However, because of his debt, Jack needs to work on Jones’ ship. You might be familiar with the name because the name is the Flying Dutchman. You need to watch how the story unfolds because it will certainly blow your mind.

  5. At World’s End in 2007
  6. The third series from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie is At World’s End that was released in 2007. In this movie, you will enjoy the adventures of the cast to save Jack from the Davy Jones’ locker. Turner, Swann, and Barbosa work together to rescue Jack so that they can fight Beckett.

    In this movie, Beckett controls Davy Jones because he wants to banish piracy forever. The only way to stop Beckett is by helping Jack to escape and recover the Pearl. However, it can only be done by unleashing the sea goddess called Calypso who is also in love with Davy Jones.

  7. On Stranger Tides in 2011
  8. The next Pirates of the Caribbean movie is entitled On Stranger Tides that is based on the novel written by Tim Powers in the 1980s. As you can see in the trailer, you will also enjoy the dangerous adventure of Jack Sparrow. You will also meet with his old lover named Angelica who will work together with him in this movie.

    In this movie, they will work to save her father’s soul, Blackbeard, and find the magical Fountain of Youth. His journey is not easy because he will meet again with his old foe, Barbossa. Barbosa in this movie works for the Royal Navy. Barbosa finds out that Sparrow also looks for the infamous fountain and it brings them into battle.

  9. Dead Men Tell No Tales in 2017
  10. The last movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series is called Dead Men Tell No Tales that was released in 2017. This movie does not continue the previous series, but focuses on Will Turner’s son named Henry Turner who is played by Brenton Thwaites. 

    The curse of the Flying Dutchman kills his father. The only thing that can help his father is the Trident of Poseidon. To do that, he tries to work with Jack but it seems that Jack does not want to take part in it. Jack focuses on his old foe named Captain Armando Salazar, who is played by Javier Bardem.

    In this movie, Salazar wants to banish every pirate, including Jack. Jack then teams up with Barbosa and Carina Smyth to save the ships. You can watch and download this movie before watching the next series.

The Upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most famous movies and has lots of fans. The unique character, Jack Sparrow, is loved by many and they are excitedly waiting for the sixth series. Although Jack has appeared since the first series, he is still loved by the fans.

The upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean series was announced in 2018, but there is little information about the series. Fans do not have a single clue about the production of the movie. Plus, there are lots of problems arised, such as Covid-19 pandemic and the trial with Amber Heard. Fans are skeptical about whether Johnny Depp will take part in the series. 

Some fans want Depp to participate in the next movie, but others don’t because of the case related to Amber Heard. Others believe that without Depp, the story will be more interesting because of the new perspective it brings. But on the other hand, it will feel incomplete without the iconic Jack Sparrow and it will make the series hard to survive in the industry.

Fans are in doubt and speculated that Depp will no longer take part in the movie as Jack Sparrow because Disney has cut ties with him. He was very sad because he needed to leave the series without a proper goodbye. Although there is little information about his series, there are some clues that will give you some light on the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

In this Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Christina Hudson will write the script although there were some changes in the past. Plus, there will be some changes in the cast of the movie because Disney aims to create a Pirates movie with a female lead. 

The fans speculated that the female pirate named Redd will be the main lead of this movie. In the previous story, she was a captive bride but turned into a pirate who auctioned golds that she stole from the village. However, there is little clue about this so that the story is still a mystery. Fans are also skeptical because the last movie featured a post-credit scene with Davy Jones, so it will be hard to continue the story. 

The cast of the movie is still unknown, but Kaya Scodelario who appeared in Dead Men Tell No Tales as Carina Barbossa stated that she will appear in another series. It makes fans excited to welcome her again in this sixth series or even guess that the story will revolve around her.

Other than Kaya Scodelario, some fans also predicted that Keira Knighley and Orlando Bloom will appear in the upcoming movie. Some also believe that Karen Gillan and Emma Watson will also appear in this movie as other female leads.

However, producer Jerry Bruckheimer stated that he was having a conversation with Margot Robbie and there were two scripts written, one with Robbie and one without. However, there is no official date that tells us when it will be released.

Pirates of the Caribbean became famous due to its story line as well as the amazing actors in it. Not only bringing the adventurous sides of the audience, it also brings some laughter throughout the film. Lots of fans are excited to welcome the sixth movie that will come in 2023.

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