Top 10 The Rock's Movies You Should Watch

The Rock's Movies You Should Watch

Dwayne Johnson or also known as his stage name “the rock” is one of the highest paid actor in Holywood. He is a great performer since day one. People may know him from the wrestle ring. Yet after shifting to acting career, the rock's movies rarely fails to entertain the audience. His acting spectrum is not limited to a big funny guy only. Watch these movies to see it!

10. The Scorpio King

The first big screen for Johnson is The Scorpio King. It is one of the rock's movies that have ancient set. The city was called Gomorrah, ruled by an evil king who enjoys creating chaos for the nomadic tribes live in the desert. As the tribes count to the last number, they decide to join forces and find a way to stop the vicious king. 

A piece of information comes in handy: the king always consults a sorcerer before doing anything. They aim to kill the sorcerer and hire Mathayus to do the job. The Scorpio King is the rock's movies which basically tell the tale of how Mathayu rises to be the villain that even the mummy fears. 

The story of Scorpion King is not directly related to the famous “Mummy Return”. It is not an original story, either. Yet, the director successfully use the rock’s strength: comedy and action, to entertain the audience. It is not a surprise that Netflix needs to add the movie to the list. 

9. GI Joe: Retaliation

Promoted as the sequel of GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, many are skeptical about the plot of the movie. Almost every part of the movie earn spicy hit from the critics. This is how the rock's movies face challenge even before the premiere. Thankfully, GI Joe: Retaliation gains better popularity and rating. 

The casts play important role in rising the standard. Some of them are Channing Tatum, DJ Cotrona and Lee-Byung Hun. Pair all these stars with a great double threat plot and  the rock's movies catapults to the higher rank. In addition to battling COBRA, the team should watch for the internal spy within the US government. 

Unlike his 1996 debut movie as villain, Johnson plays the role of Roadblock. He is Duke’s brother as well as the second commander in the team. Although the brother quarrels do not control the team’s dynamic, the movie is still enjoyable and worth re-watching.  

8. Central Intelligence 

Not all of the rock's movies start with something joyful. In Central Intelligence, Bob Stone, Johnson character, has a sad past. He was bullied for being a chubby teenager. Years later, he shows up in the school reunion, with all of his popping muscles. Stone meets his old friend Calvin Joyner, played by Kevin Hart, who now works as an accountant. 

This meeting is not fate, as Stone ask for help from Joyner.  Later, it is revealed that Stone is on a mission to stop a spy who is infiltrating the satellite system. In this the rock's movies, the audience will experience a mix of laugh, squinting  and expectation. The chemistry between the actors are superb! 

Compared to the script, the movie is elevated beyond belief! Originally, a story of two old friends deciding to go on a mission won’t make a top list movie. Yet, Johnson and Hart could add some pops to the scripts, pleasing the audiences more than it should. 

7. Jumanji: The Next Level

When Johnson takes the role in this movie, the expectation is rising high. The audience is excited to see the impersonation of Danny DeVito in the rock's movies. It is a new challenge for the star: copying another character while doing the action scenes and deliver the comedic lines. Unfortunately, Jumanji movies with the rock calls for hot critics.

The most disappointing part of this movie is the copy-paste method for the script. There is little to few twists added. The audience could almost dictate what will happen in the rock movies new round.  Probably the reason Jumanji Next Level still earns good viewer rating is the better filming technology.

Compared to the first movie where the group of friends has to complete the challenge, Jumanji Next Level deliver higher level of challenge. Now, Jumanji jungle is fighting back, not allowing the group to pass easily. Join their journey to beat more furious beasts! 

6. The Other Guys

Many would expect  the rock's movies to put Johnson as the main character of the story. Well, this is not always the case. Johnson’s acting also shines even when he plays the supporting role in The Other Guys. The story revolves aroung two detectives who works behind the desk. While one is slowly accepting his fate, the other is still looking for spotlight. 

Once a simple case lead to a bigger catch, the duo is back in action. They won’t miss the chance to show the quality they have. Although their level is far from the top agents (Johnson and Jackson couple), they still walk forward. Those who miss the fight of these two extremes could access Google Play or Apple TV for streaming. 

Imagine how the desk worker protagonists go againsts the bad ass cops who could tear the town just to catch the criminals. Don’t worry, this movie is not only about action. Several fun lines are slipped in, sometimes not in the right place and time!

5. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

From the trailer for Jumanji Welcome to the jungle, the audience could see four kids are dragged into the world of game console. Oddly, their physical appearance are not kids, but the characters they choose to play. They don’t have time to regret the choice, as the game continues and they need to survive. 

These four kids are not the only characters trapped in the rock's movies; Alan Parrish is also dragged into the game. He has spent 20 years playing inside Jumanji and not yet find a way out. Based on the classic 1995 novel Jumanji, this new movie takes a new approach, given that the characters need to actually fight inside the Jumanji jungle. 

The transformation into heroes characters cannot hide the real self-identity of the kids. Johnson, instead of showing his combat moves, should deliver the emotion of a nerd boy in a muscular body. This is another twist that adds the fun of the show. 

4. Fast Five

Fast Five is probably one of the most famous the rock's movies. The sequel doesn’t have a a good start, not before Vin Diesel takes part in the franchise. Johnson then adds the worth of the movie by playing the cops named Agent Hobbs. He tracks Brian and Mia after they freed Dom from the prison. 

Things will get complicated when Dom faces two enemies at the same time: a wealthy man who hire assasin to wipe them and Hobbs, who wants Dom back to jail. The audience will know which side Hobbs choose if they watch the full movie. For those who still enjoy Johnson’s role in tooth fairy, this movie is a total character flip! 

3. Pain and Gain

What should one do to gain wealth? Some say work hard, but Danny Lup says: do whatever it takes. He works as a manager of a small gym. Tired of being poor, he chooses a dark path to reach the dream life: blackmailing rich people. He then hire Paul dan Adrian as part of the team. This is  the rock's movies that shows Johnson as a villain. 

There is no comedy in the movie as the script is based on true story. Johnson co-stars are Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie. No other big star like nicolas cage joins the film, yet the movie hits the spot of the real thug life.  

2. Fighting With My Family

This is another the rock's movies where Johnson doesn’t play as the main role. The perk of Fighting with My Family is he plays as himself, a popular wrestler. He is the idol for sibling Paige and Zak. While trying to chase their dream as professional wrestler, only Paige passes the test. 

Continuing the training in different states proves to be a hard decision for Paige. She never wants to leave Zak. This is the beginning of the fight, both with Paige’s internal consience and with Zack. What should Paige do in order to win Zak back? 

1. Moana

Who doesn’t love Maui? A demigod who helps Moana during her mission. This is  the rock's movies in animation, yet packed with action scenes. Johnson is the voice actors as well as the original singer for Maui enchanting song. Moana is a break through in Disney, showing how a princess could lead a solo journey to accomplish her mission.

Moana touches the heart of millions, especially the kids around the world. Don’t be surprised to see some still re-watch is even after its release date in November 2016!

Starring in his first movie in 2001, The Rock calmly climb the ladder towards one of the top Hollywood actor. Looking into the long lists of the rock's movies, many would agree that he does his best in each one. No wonder many audiences are awed by his movies and always ecpect something more for his future projects.

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