What To Expect From Squid Games Season 2

What To Expect From Squid Games Season 2

When Netflix releases Squid Game on 2021, the series instantly steal the attention of global audiences. Language barrier doesn’t stop the viewers to enjoy the film. In fact, the show is so popular that the demand for squid games season 2 is rising soon after the show ends. Now that second season is confirmed, what can you expect from it?  

Mystery Symbols From The Trailer

People are so hungry for squid games season 2  that they takes every bits of news seriously. A year after season one ends, the director releases a video that may give a hint of what season 2 has in store. It is an unreleased clip from season one, showing the Front Man. He is seen carrying a bag of goldfish, walking to an unknown place and reveal his face. 

From this short clips alone, fans could build many speculations. One thing for sure: squid games season 2 will cover the back story of the Front Man. In the first season, little is known about the Front Man, as he only makes short appearances. This character will have longer parts and cuts in the next season.

Then what about the goldfish? Why it is the fish of choice for the Front Man? Judging from the way Dong-Hyuk, squid games season 2 director films it, this goldfish must have important meaning for the Front Man.  Looking into Korean culture, goldfish and fish in general, is a symbol of vigilance and diligence. Will it represent the skills any players should have? 

What’s New For The Plot?

Surprisingly, fans are more interested in the plot of squid games season 2 rather than finding answer for the “when is squid game season 2 coming out“ question. It is not surprising, given that the first season serves the fans with mind-blowing games of live and death. As the fans know, those who fail in the game will be killed on the spot.

Most of the games are taken from Korean traditional games. Who could forget the Red Light, Green Light game? It is such a perfect game to start the show. The gigantic female doll has cute face yet programmed to kill any player who moves. The director has confirmed that squid games season 2 will bring the “boyfriend” of the killer doll named Cheol Su.

With two killer dolls on store, how the poster will look like? More importantly, what kind of game will be presented for the chosen players in sn 2? Fans might remember the marble challenge, which allow the players to choose who to kill next. Serving as a recess-time game, no one expects the simple marble will be the end of some players.

The director, Dong-Hyuk, had short interviews regarding the plot for squid games season 2. He answered that the outline has been built, that more new games are stacked for the players. Dong-Hyuk confirms that the setting of the games will be more familiar for global audience. Taking his words, fans are now hungrier than ever to see the full movie.

More Details For The Plot

Hwang latest interview with one of the Holywood reporter could be a big hint for the second season. As the show goes on, fans have made many theories about how the squid games season 2 will continue. It is not a secret that some well-known producers take account of fans’ theories while writing the script. Will this be the case for squid game?

Fans could be either excited or broken-hearted to learn that the second season will include nothing from the fans’ theories. While giving his gratitudes for all the love, the director confirms that the new season will continue the idealism of season one. Fans could expect the continuation of the ending scene shown in the first season. 

If fans are allowed to take the ending scene as a trailer, then Gi-Hun might not be the same Gi-Hun the fans know. As seen in the last scene, Gi-Hun doesn’t hop in the plane. He chooses to walk to the opposite direction. The director starts the plot from this character’s decision. What is he thinking? What will he do next? How will he achieve his goal? 

The story in squid games season 2 will not solely about Gi-Hun and his revenge. The Front Man’s backstory will also unveiled. In particular, it will be a story about police officer. This issue is not only rising in South Korea. Even in advanced country such as europe, there are many cases that get worse ending because the police arrives late.   

Fans could expect similar approach, where the help is coming way too late. Another idea from the director is exploring the thought of every character other than the players. He also promises that the Gi-Hun, the only confirmed actor to return in season 2, will still be as determined as he is in season one. The fun side is there, only with darker mind filled with hate. 

The Twisted Character

In the first season, many characters have died. During the journey, fans supports some of them, making those characters the most favorable. One name that is expected to make a comeback in squid games season 2 is Hwang Jun-Ho. He is the police officer who infiltrates the game venue to find his brother and might report the whole game to the officials.

Another memorable character fans wish to revive and include in the spoiler is Ali. He joins the game hoping to provide better life for his family. Fans worldwide would agree that his death is such a heart-breaking one. Ali deserves better ending for his kindness.

What about a character like Kang Sae-Byeok in squid games season 2? She is so far the most composed player in the show. Rarely expressing emotions yet so calm while being cornered through the game. Until the release date, we will still miss the strong girl who died after getting stabbed by other player named Sang-Woo.

Who will be the cast for squid games season 2? Nothing is decided for the cast. The only familiar face that fans could expect is Lee Jung Jae. He played the role of Gi-Hun or also known as player 456. He is the winner in the first season. In the credit cuts, he is seen to join the next squid game.

In an interview with GQ, Lee Jung Jae reveals that some of the plot would be about Gi-Hun’s revenge. Being a winner gives him pain instead of happiness. There is a chance that Gi-Hun will be showing his dark mind, be the bad guy to avenge the previous players’ death.

Even Dong-Hyuk also admits that he kills too many characters during half of the episodes. He sincerely wishes that he could bring some of them to the next season. This words alone makes the fans excited, but the best option would be a quick flashback on Gi-Hun’s memory. Dong-Hyuk is expecting new casts for the new season. No names are announced yet.

Why Season 2 Is Not Coming Earlier?

For other TV shows, a success in the first season will automatically lead to the second season. Now the fans understand that squid games season 2 is not like any other shows. Instead of speeding up the writing process to meet the market demand, the director who also works as the writer for the show takes his sweet time to prepare the story line.

If the director is taking too long to take care of matters, fans are usually more creative to find an alternative story. This is not possible for squid games season 2. Almost all the characters are dead, leaving Gi-Hun as the only survivor of the game. It is quite difficult to build a frame around one person’s mind. This is why the fans are waiting anxiously for the second season.

Seriously, what factors delay the progress of second season? The answer for this question is closely related to the preparation of season one. As fans might have known, Dong Hyuk spent 10 years to complete the whole scripts. He takes all the bullets by himself. Lately he admits that it is too much for him. For the second season, he opens room for writers.

Now that the writers and other co-producers are lining up to help him, the writing process could be cut to less than five years. It is a great leap compared to his lonely 10 years journey. Also, fans should put into consideration that Dong-Hyuk will unlikely approve anything that goes over his initial purpose of squid game. Unless it is perfect, he won’t hand it to netflix.

At least, fans know how long they have to wait. Until the trailer is released in the beginning of 2024, the fans should calm themselves. Some might expect to see blackpink as the cast because Jennie is mentioned in the credit. Again, nothing is decided yet.

So far, the bits about squid games season 2 are scattered through many articles. Most of them took similar sources: interviews with the actors and the directors. Squeezing these information, the conclusion still leads to one answer: the audiences should wait for a brand new game in the beginning of 2024. Are you patient enough to wait?

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