All Things You Need to Know About Dexter New Blood Season 2

You Need to Know About Dexter New Blood Season 2

The succcess of its first season make this series back to the screen, right after its exact 10 years. While we're pretty sure Dexter has finished his journey, it turns out that there might be Dexter New Blood Season 2 and more. What shall we expect? Let's check it out!

The Exact Realease Date for Dexter New Blood Season 2

Many fans believe that the last episode of the first season reflect how Dexter's journey ends. Therefore, father-son couple, Michael C Hall and Jack Alcott will not have any further project related to this series. However, is that all? We'd better check the detail one more time.

After being separated for a while, Dexter and Harrison are reunited. By saying so, we can see how they share the other side of them, the dark one, and also their desire to kill people. Once Dexter mentions that they were literally 'born in blood', as it was seen in each of their childhood. They cried out all night seeing their parents being murdered in front of them and being covered with flowing blood from those bodies.

Dexter broke his vow that said only those who murder who deserve to be killed. Yet, he killed an innocent police officer. It triggers Harrison that caused him pointing a gun on Dexter. This issue brings the potential of Dexter New Blood Season 2, yet it has not been announced the exact date when fans can eventually continue Dexter and Harrison’s journey for the second season.

This Season, Will It Be Better than Previous One?

To the media, Alcott who plays the role of Harrison, mentions his concern about the last scene he was in. "Man, I just killed Dexter. All American will definitely hate me for what I just did." He further explains that no matter how the season ends, still there is a guilty feeling after ending the main character's life. Alcott even mentions how big the pressure was when they did the last scene. However, staff and producer were really helpful in supporting Alcott.

Even though Dexter is already dead, there is the rumour of season two of this series. Clyde Phillips, as the showrunner of this series, stated that if Showtime makes a contact with him talking about the Dexter New Blood Season 2, he will definitely drop everything off and do any possible way to make the second season way much better, even if Showtime wants to do Harrison only.

David Nevins, TV Executive, recently spills the tea. He said that he was working on the second season of this series. Yet, Showtime president, Gary Levine, mentioned that the plan is too early to be announced. Therefore, he asks for fans around the world to wait a little bit longer before it is officially announced to the public. The reason  about this statement is mostly the preparation. As the feedback from audience is really good for season one, definitely, Showtime works harder to give the second season as worth as the first one.

Expected Cast Who Will Join Dexter New Blood Season 2

Up to this day, TV Line states that this series is watched by 8 million active subscribers every week. Even, there are 3 active million subscribers who stayed tune for watching the last episode. It shows how impactful this series is the film industry. Therefore, fans are expecting Dexter New Blood Season 2.

Season two will mostly be about Harrison and how the transformation between Dexter's works now is taken by Harrison. At the finale of the first season, it was seen that the police chief found Harrison with the dead body of his dad. Yet, the blame is not on him, so Harrison could start a new life with no guilty feeling about his father's death.

Since Harrison plan to start a new and better life, fans might be curious about what's next. Would he kill more people or live a better life like what was seen in the series? It brings us to the next issue, the potentialcast. Definitely we gotta say goodbye to Michael, the one who plays Dexter. Harrison will be definitely there in the second season. Yet, as all fans know, Harrison has no relatives. His mother and sister were also dead. So, there might be fresh casts for the upcoming Dexter New Blood Season 2.

How Many Episodes Will be There On Dexter New Blood Season 2

The previous season, it is known that the story comes to its finale on the 10th epsiode. Therefore, fans might wonder what about the second season. Clyde Phillips from Showrunner mentions that he would be happy to join for the second season once Showtime confirms about the plan. Phillips also confirms that the story would be all about Harrison as he is the only character left from the first season.

Harrison himself is quite complicated with his dark personality. Therefore, no one can predict how many episodes will be enough to expose the life of Harrison after his father died in this Dexter New Blood Season 2. He has the capability to kill, even after what he did to his own dad. Even this action surprised Dexter in any possible way, knowing his son grows up just like him, or even better. Dexter spent the rest of his life thinking that Harrison would never kill anyone, yet he did to his own dad.

Trailer Will be Released Before Dexter New Blood Season 2 Airs

Back to the first season, Dexter finally lets Harrison knows about his job, killing serial killers. Harrison got shocked as he never expected his dad would do things that he against for. Yet, through the journey he went through with his dad, Harrison soon realized that he became the person whom he against with. Not to mention, Dexter inherited his dark side as well to Harrison.

In the finale, we could see that Dexter killed Logan, Harrison's coach, so he could reach Harrison. Yet, it was a big surprise for Harrison. Dexter once mentioned that only bad people should be killed. Can't handle his anger, Harrison shot his own dad for multiple times. It was a tragically and dramatically way to end the story, yet it has to be that way.

Fans around the world wonder then how the story would continue for the season 2. Therefore, they are expecting the trailer before the second one is released. Therefore, some people start to make their own unofficial trailer to put fans at ease. Yet, what about the official one from Showtime? It has not been confirmed  yet about the second season. Therefore, there is no promise about releasing trailer so far. However, Showtime asks fans to wait until the release of Dexter New Blood Season 2.

When Dexter New Blood Season 2 Come Out, Fans Will Get Crazy Over It

Since its first release, Dexter and his journey has gained audience's attention. Through all journey that he went through until he was murdered by his own son, this series has been captivating and fans are expecting for the second season. Still, fans expect that Dexter would be back alive. However, Clyde Phillips confirmed that there is no possibility for that since it was clear that Dexter was murdered by his own son at the finale. Phillips even mentioned that Dexter must be died to end the first season.

As fans know, Dexter is an anti-hero. He was good, yet he killed people which are not good. Therefore, they need to bring to the stage the real hero fans should have got. Phillips mentions that this series has many awesome writers that work really hard in delivering the plot to all fans. That's why, fans are all satisfied watching how the first season ends and expect for Dexter New Blood Season 2.

Fans might get their second way of being crazy once the second season of this series was released. After getting crazy over Dexter, fans might experience the same thing once Harrison shows up. There are many things that could be explored from Harrison's life since it wasn't exposed much at the first season. Fans could expect any crazy way that someone like Harrison could do. Phillips mentions that all crews were considering many interesting plots that could happen, so fans would caught surprised watching its episode.

Who Will be The Villain of Dexter New Blood Season 2?

There is no specific explanation about who might be the villain for Dexter New Blood Season 2. As fans all know, it was only Harrison left in the story. It would be impossible for putting him as both main character and villain. We could expect that there would be new character who is against Harrison. For Harrison himself, we couldn't expect anything either. It was mentioned at the last finale that Harrison would start a new life, yet it was not explained what kind of new life he would have, either better life or back to his dad's daily life.

There are more things to happen in the Dexter New Blood Season 2. Yet, it has not been confirmed about the date. Therefore, fans are expected to wait a little bit longer until the day it is officially released.

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