Best Dwayne Johnson Movies You Cannot Miss

Best Dwayne Johnson Movies

Dwayne Johnson was very famous as a wrestler called The Rock. But his acting career skyrocketed and there are lots of Dwayne Johnson movies loved by many. In fact, his very first movie as a supporting role also became a hit. Here are some movies from Dwayne that you need to watch ASAP.

  1. Scorpion King
  2. The Scorpion King is one of Dwayne Johnson movies that was released in 2002. This movie was set hundreds of years ago before the Pyramids existed. The Rock plays as a hero and you can see that he was fighting lots of giant scorpions.

    In this movie, he plays as a leader who is very powerful and able to use his arrow well in battle. In his journey to banish the scorpion king, he loses his friends, but gains more friends as well in the process. The storyline is interesting, but some people point out that this movie uses bad special effects. It is quite understandable because this movie came out in 2002 which was not as good as this year’s movies.

  3. The Rundown
  4. If you are looking for other Dwayne Johnson movies with a little bit of comedic acts, this movie is so great for you. The Rundown is a movie premiered in 2003 and it features Seann William Scott who plays as the boss’s son. But, you will also see some beating scenes that are very typical for Dwayne.

    This movie was shot entirely in Los Angeles, but the movie set was in Hawaii. Surprisingly, this movie portrays Hawaii well and it definitely should be on your movie list. You can see lots of twists and turns in this movie because somehow he will get lost in the jungle, missing his guns, and many more. 

  5. Be Cool
  6. This on the Dwayne Johnson movies list is a typical movie that you can watch together with your wife, but not with your daughter. The movie was released in 2005 and it has various genres, such as satire, music, crime, comedy, adult, and action.

    But Dwayne is not alone here. You will see an iconic character, John Travolta, who works in the music industry. Not only make you dance over tequila, this movie will also wet your pants because there are lots of action scenes you cannot expect, especially murder. 

  7. Get Smart
  8. Get Smart was one of the Dwayne Johnson movies that was released in 2008. This movie is very popular because it is very light and it will make you laugh with the comedy acts of the characters. Although this movie is quite funny, it is also quite serious because it will take you to experience the job of CIA agents.

    The character, played by Alan Arkin and Anne Hathaway, will work together with The Rock in Russia. You can expect great visuals with great special effects that you cannot see in the other Dwayne Johnson movies. The story is also easy to understand and it brought Dwayne’s net worth higher. 

  9. Snitch
  10. One of the Dwayne Johnson movies on the list is Snitch that premiered in 2013. In this movie, Dwayne will be the guy who beats off street thugs, but it also involves a series of unfortunate events for him, such as losing his wallet, getting beaten up, and many more.

    But, this movie is very realistic because it features his weakness and you can relate to that. Who will survive when four people beat you? Of course, master kungfu does, but not ordinary people like us. In this movie, he plays a prisoner who will change his life as a parent. 

  11. Central Intelligence
  12. In this movie, you will not only get to know Dwayne, but also the iconic stand-up comedian Kevin Hart. Those two were friends in high school and now they are reunited by fate when they become adults. Kevin Hart becomes an accountant, and Dwayne becomes a CIA agent. 

    Somehow, Hart and Dwayne are trapped in the same dangerous mission. His job as an accountant is now interrupted by CIA work. You can see lots of dark humor in this movie and some nude scenes you cannot expect to be in Dwayne Johnson movies.

  13. Moana
  14. If you are looking for an animated film on the Dwayne Johnson movies list, Moana is the answer. This movie premiered in 20016 and most critics say that this movie is one of the best movies from Johnson and it brings his career to get better than ever.

    In this movie, you will see some ethnicity touch, but it will also see the bravery of a girl named Moana. The story is brought to you by Disney, it is obvious that it will have great animations as well as great songs to sing along. Even if Dwayne’s age was not young at that time, he shows us that he can sing and act in a kid’s movie. 

  15. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
  16. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is also played together with Kevin Hart and it will make you feel a little bit nostalgic with their acts. It is considered as a new movie approach of the old Jumanji movie that we have known for so long.

    This movie won’t involve the board game like in the old Jumanji movie, but the friends will use the old game console that they find in the school room. However, their goal is still the same, they need to find a way to escape from the game and go back to their world. Some fans are very stunned with the story, but some are also disappointed by the graphic and some believe that other Dwayne Johnson movies are better than this one.

  17. The Fast and The Furious
  18. The best Dwayne Johnson movies you can watch all the time is The Fast and The Furious series that stars Dwayne with Vin Diesel. You can say that this series is the most successful movie of all time because it gets to the 9th series. 

    The series told us about the struggles of ordinary people to save the world. Dom and the crew are included by the government to be on a dangerous mission that can put their lives in danger too. The refusal also arises, but in the end, they still take those missions. It is not too late to watch these Dwayne Johnson movies starting from the first series.

  19. Jungle Cruise
  20. One of the latest Dwayne Johnson movies released in 2021 is this Jungle Cruise movie. This movie was supposed to come out in 2020, but because of the pandemic, it was released in 2021. This movie is inspired by the Jungle Cruise that you can see in Disneyland. Not only Dwayne, this movie also features Emily Blunt as the character. 

    In this movie, you will follow Dwayne’s journey to find the tree of life in Amazon. This tree is said to be the best cure for all illnesses. But his journey is not easy because he works with Frank Wolf who will trick him along the way. Plus, a prince from Germany also disturbs his journey. Another problem is that no one knows how tall the tree is because it is only a myth.

Dwayne’s Upcoming Movies

Those Dwayne Johnson movies were released in the past, now lots of fans are waiting for new movies from this amazing actor. Lots of movies will be released in 2023, but some of them do not really have many details we can look for.

One of them is entitled Red One that will come out in 2023. This movie is said to have a certain connection with the previous movie called Red Notice. This movie is also said to bring you some comedic acts from the characters that releases your tension.

Then, you can experience an act from Dwayne from the height in San Andreas 2. This movie will bring you back to 2015 when he was working together with Carla Gugino to save their daughter from the San Andreas earthquake. However, no one knows when the movie will be released because the last information about this movie was in 2021. Some believed that this movie was never going to happen.

Another movie is entitled Doc Savage which was written and directed by Shane Black. As far as we know, this movie is based on a classic pulp adventurer. This movie is said to be produced in 2017, but it got stopped on the way. 

Then, in 2018 and in 2020, the teams stated that they still work on the making of this movie. The future of this movie is still mysterious because no one knows the progress of the movie and when it will be released. The other movie is Big Trouble in Little China that is also still a mystery for us all.

You can see various acts that Dwayne shows in his movies, from action to comedy. All of those Dwayne Johnson movies are worth watching, but you cannot miss his upcoming movies that will be a great bang in his career. So, which one will you watch first?

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