Black Panther Movies, From the First until the Latest

Black Panther - Wakanda Forever

Wakanda might be one of fictional places that all fans of Black Panther would like to visit someday. The popularity of T’Challa and his journey as Black Panther Movies has been a phenomenon among audiences especially after its soundtrack and wallpaper were released. Starting from its first movie, Black Panther has been growing to the second one and developing its television series.

  1. Black Panther (2018)
  2. Director: Ryan Coogler. Writer: Joe Robert Cole, Ryan Coogler. Actors: Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong'o, Michael B. Jordan, Andy Serkis, Danai Gurira, Forest Whitaker, Martin Freeman, Angela Bassett, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Sterling K. Brown, Winston Duke.

    The Black Panther Movie sets in Africa thousands of years ago. There is a war between five tribers over metal vibranium inside a meteorite. During the war, one of warriors take a herb affected by the vibranium and gain superpower in his body to be like a panther, an animal that looks like a big cat. With his power, he reunite all tribes except Jabari to build a union named Wakanda. Through centuries, people at Wakanda live in a isolated area developing their country with all power that the vibranium have. One day in 1992, T'Chaka, the current Wakanda King goes to California to visit N'Jobu, his brother. T'Chaka suspects N'Jobu for being a part of black market with stealing the metal vibranium from Wakanda. Zuri, known as N'Jobu's partner, speaks up about the truth.

    Long short story in this Black Panther Movie, T'Chaka passes away and it is T'Challa, his son, who will continue the throne that his father left. T'Challa goes back to Wakanda. With the help of Okoye, known as the captain of Dora Milaje, they invites Nakia, T'Challa's ex, to attend the ceremony with Ramonda and Shuri, her mother and sister. Little did T'Challa know, M'Baku, the leader of Jabari Tribe comes and challenge him for the honor of the crown through a combat. M'Baku is lost, yet he declines T'Challa's invitation to reunite.

    In the other place of Black Panther Movie, someone named Klaue and his friend, Erik Stevens, steal an artifact of Wakanda that they see in London Museum. W'Kabi, T'Challa's friend, W'Kabi triggers to see Klaue back. Together, Naki, T'Challa, and Okoye fly to South Korea, a country where Klau will give a tip to Everett K. Ross, a CIA agent, by selling the artifact.

    Suddenly, a firefight happens in Black Panther Movie and Klaue takes this chance to run away. However, it didn't work as T'Challa quickly catches him. T'Chall must let him go as Ross insists to bring him to the plice. Klaue spills all information about Wakanda, including their fast technology development. Erik got and attacks Ross, who he thought was Klaue, after protecting Nakia. T'Challa doesn't mind about Klaue anymore. He takes T'Challa back to Wakanda instead to heal her.

    Once they are back to Wakanda in Black Panther Movie, T'Challa gets mad to Zuri for N'Jobu's case. Later, T'Challa learns that N'Jobu actually planned to share the power of vibranium with African people. The reason why N'Jobu wanted to do this is to help them gets their independence against their opressors. As N'Jobu was arrested by T'Chaka, Zuri was attacked and requested to be kiled by T'Chaka. However, T'Chaka asked Zuri not to tell the truth. Instead, Zuri was asked to tell that N'Jobu was gone. The fact is N'Jobu has a son named N'Jadaka, yet grows up under the name of Steven, and later on uses the name "Killmonger". Killmonger defeats Klaue and brings his body as a gift to Wakanda. Killmonger later challenges T'Challa for a combat. T'Challa gets badly injured and lost during the combat. Killmonger starts to lead the Wakanda in this Black Panther Movie.

    Shuri, Ross, Nakia, and Ramonda decide to go to Jabari Tribe for help. They found T'Challa there, rescued by the tribe of Jabari, in order to repay the kindness T'Challa did for M'Baku. The final battle is between M'Baku and T'Challa. T'Challa won the game, yet he doesn't want to be healed and choose to die as a free man. At the end of the story of Black Panther Movie, T'Challa appears and tells everyone about the truth of Wakanda.

  3. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022)
  4. Director: Ryan Coogler. Writter: Ryan Coogler, Joe Robert Cole. cast: Winston Duke, Letitia Wright, Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong'o, Michaela Coel, Martin Freeman, Tenoch Huerta Mejía, Angela Bassett, Florence Kasumba, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Dominique Thorne.

    The story of Black Panther Movie continues about T'Challa, one of characters who is the king of Wakanda, gets sick and is currently dying. His sister, Shuri, considers that heart-shaped herb may cure her brother's illness. The last herb was gone due to Killmonger's action. Therefore, Shuri tries all this time to create the imitation of those herb. It doesn't work and Shuri has to let her brother go. As T'Challa leaves, other nations put Wakanda under pressure for taking vibranium exclusively. Even worse, some people try to forcefully steal it. Queen Ramonda, who's now taking over the throne, ask Shuri to keep on exploring any possibilities to replicate heart shaped herb, so they can creata the new Black Panther. Queen Ramonda wish that the new one can protect Wakanda.

    CIA and SEALS, at other place, work to build a machine that can detect the presence of vibranium in the Black Panther Movie. They explore under water, yet their journey is stopped due to the sudden attack by Namor, the leader of group of blue-skinned men with superpower that happened to be the villains. Unfortunately, CIA believes that Wakanda is the one who is responsible for that. Namor comes to Wakanda and confronts Queen Ramonda for being weak in protecting Wakanda. Namor gets mad and demand to get him the inventor of vibramium detector.

    Shuri and Okoye come after Everett K. Ross, a CIA agent, to figure out that Riri Williams, a MIT student, is the one behind the invention of the machine. Suddenly, Namor comes and attack Okoye. Shuri and Williams are kidnapped. Queen Ramonda gets mad and take Okoye's title as the leader of Dora Milaje. Under the water, Namor shows Shuri the rich resource of vibranuium that is located in the kingdom of Talokan. Namor offers a deal with Wakanda to work together. If they disagree, they will attack Wakanda instead. Nakia successfully saves Shuri and William. Namor makes a vow that they will attack Wakanda with full army in this Black Panther Movie.

    Shuri was honored to be the next Black Panther and triggered to attack Namor for the death of Queen Ramonda. Ready for the war, Shuri give Okoye the Midnight Angel costume. Williams join the war by producing an exoskeleton that looks like Iron man to heal people at Wakanda in Black Panther Movie. Shuri and Namor are in a big fight, yet it ends with an allience. However, Namora, Namor's cousin doesn't seem happy about it. Yet, Namor succesfully assures Namora about it. Williams continue her study at MIT, Shuri continues to have more heart shaped herbs plants to maintenance the existence of Black Panther. At the end of the movie, Shuri figures out that T'Challa and Nakia have a son named Toussaint. Then, Toussaint introduces himself as T'Challa.

  5. Untitled Wakanda Series (TBA)
  6. Following the success of Black Panther Movie and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, MCU decides to produce a new movie takes place in Wakanda. It will be Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, who directs the series in Florida. The latest news about this upcoming project of Wakanda is in 2021, where this project was announced for the first time. For the time being, there is no specific realease date about it.

    The first Black Panther Movie was released in 2018, followed by the second one in 2022. From all movies released by MCU, Black Pantheris the 18th and one of the most succesful movie of MCU ever. According to the phase of MCU, Black Panther belongs to the Phase Three. The idea of bringing Black Panther was there since 1992. Yet, due to some issues, it didn't happen until in September 2005, Marvel wrote Black Panther would be one of ten movies that would be released in the future. In 2014, Black Panther was announced to the public. It is the first time for Marvel for having black director and motsly black cast. Fans are looking forward to trailer for this series.

It is always interesting to explore the story of Wakanda in the Black Panther Movie. Knowing that Black Panther will be forever exists, fans might figure out who will be the next one. Will definitely looking forward to it.

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