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Spider Man

After the last film, Spiderman: No Way Home, we saw a glimpse of Marvel Cinematic Universe multiverse. All friend or foe around the Spiderman world get to be in the same movie and story, and this becomes the very reason why it will be nice to watch Spider Man movies in order again.

In order to do so, using MCU release order will be the best order on how to watch them all so far. There is always a constant rebooting across the movies, so lining them all in a chronological order will be impossible. The best streaming will be using the MCU release order just as follow:

  1. Spider Man – 2002
  2. This the first film of Spider Man movies in order, which also makes the first big screen and modern adaptation of Spider Man. The film stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst with its iconic upside down kiss.

    While the romance was nice, the main highlight of the film is clearly on how Spider Man face off his foe, Green Goblin. The film was directed by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’s director, Sam Raimi while signing Willem Dafoe to play the antagonist figure.

  3. Spider Man 2 – 2004
  4. This film makes the second to watch in Spider Man movies in order. It has a very close connection to the No Way Home as both have Doctor Octopus in it. In this 2004 released film, you get the full understanding on how Doc Ock became an encore foe of Spider Man while you can still enjoy Raimi’s touch in the movie.

  5. Spiderman 3 – 2007
  6. In this movie, the story of Uncle Ben put more intrigues which lead to Spider Man facing off many foes, the new Green Goblin, Venom, and Sandman. Meanwhile, in addition to Mary Jane, you should also see Peter Parker comes across another girl. 

    Sadly, this was the last work of Raimi on the Spider-verse, so far, while the characters and actors roster would stop a bit too. Starting from this film, Spider Man movies in order list gets even more interesting.

  7. The Amazing Spider Man – 2012
  8. This film makes the fourth on the list and it is already available in Netflix as the rests. Raimi was replaced by Marc Webb this time, and it starred Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. The film tells the origin of Spider Man, and it is a little different comparing to the first movie in this order.

    In addition to the different origin story, Spider Man’s love interest isn’t MJ in here, but Gwen Stacey, his high school friend.

  9. The Amazing Spider Man 2 – 2014
  10. The Amazing Spider Man 2 makes the fifth on Spider Man movies in order. In this film, Spider Man needs to face off multiple foes including the other Green Goblin, Rhino, as well as Electro starred by Jamie Foxx.

    Sadly, the film didn’t make it to trilogy. If you ask how many Spider Man movies Webb direct, the answer will be two, and this was the last one. You shouldn’t see Garfield again until later.

  11. Captain America Civil War – 2016
  12. This film isn’t exactly a Spider Man movie. Spider man isn’t even the three most important characters in the movie. However, it makes a smooth transition from Garfield to Holland and it is a proper introduction of Spider Man into the MCU as the quotes say.

    In this film, Spider Man was recruited into the Avengers by Iron Man. It also shows a fresh version of Peter Parker with the same sense of a good guy figure. The MJ on this film is also fresh and new, making the film even more weirdly adorable.

  13. Spider Man: Homecoming – 2017
  14. This film is the seventh on Spider Man movies in order. Different to the previous one, Spider Man is the main character here. It skips the Spider Man origin story, thankfully, but it includes Peter Parker effort to balance his high school life and heroism.

    In this movie, Spider Man gets to face Vulture, which was brilliantly played by Michael Keaton, who is unfortunately the father of Peter Parker’s crush here. Spider Man really shines here after the Civil War not to mention the best friend who makes the story even more fun and light.

  15. Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse – 2018
  16. This movie doesn’t have any connection with the rests Spider Man movies in order, at least yet, and Peter Parker isn’t the only Spider Man in New York. Surprise surprise. There are Peter B. Parker, Spider Noir, Spider Gwen, Penny Parker, and Spider Ham.

    Here, Miles Morales or Spider Man needs to team up with them all to face off Kingpin and it is adorably interesting. The good news is that there will be a sequel to come out soon, which is highly anticipated.

  17. Venom – 2018
  18. While it doesn’t feature Spider Man at all in it, this movie still makes in the Spider Man movies in order to watch. Eddie Brock or Venom appears in the Spider Man 3, and it makes it interesting to watch the version of this film on the character.

    Tom Hardy plays the character of Eddie Brock here and it was a very fresh version of the character all Spider Man enthusiasts will deeply appreciate.

  19. Avengers Infinity War – 2018, and Avengers End Game – 2019
  20. Both movies need to be added in Spider Man movies in order even though Spider Man doesn’t dominate the scenes. However, Spider Man makes significant roles in this movies, and it is totally fun to watch the young Spider Man fight along the “seniors”.

  21. Spider Man: Far from Home – 2019
  22. This movie puts Spider Man in the spotlight again. This time, Peter Parker gets to go to Europe for school trip when he ends up face off Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal. In here, Peter Parker gets to get the MJ romance again, but in a younger and more fun version.

    The best surprise of this movie is on the appearance of Maria Hill and Nick Fury, which are favourites in MCU.

  23. Venom Let There Be Carnage – 2021
  24. Once again, there is no appearance of Spider Man in here, but it still gets into the Spider Man movies in order list. In this sequel, Eddie Brock tries to build back his journalism career while carrying Venom in him.

    For Spider fans, the interesting part will be after the credits, where the Spider threads start to come together and logical.

  25. Spiderman: No Way Home – 2021
  26. This is probably one of the best films in Spider Man movies in order. It tells the story how Parker tries to protect his identity and ends up sacrificing his own happiness. There are fun appearances in this film too other than Doctor Strange, including Macguire and Garfield Spider Man coming as aid, and Lizard the foe.

  27. Morbius – 2022
  28. This is the last film in the Spider Man movies in order list. Morbius, played by the infamous Jared Leto, is the main character in this movie and there is no appearance of Spider Man. However, the stand alone spin off gets you a whole picture of the Spider-verse. 

The Upcoming Spider Man Movie

While the released films are all fascinating, the excitement should increase as the upcoming movies are released and added in the Spider Man movies in order list. So far, there aren’t many we should wait, but a few hope should be enough. Here are several movies you should expect to release:

  • Spider Man: Across the Spider Verse Part One – 2023
  • It is definitely good news who prefers Morales instead of Parker. There is no confirmation if Black Cat is to be featured but there is definitely “part one” in the title. What this “part one” possibly implies?

    It means we should expect more parts to add in the Spider Man movies in order list, and we get to see what Miles Morales is up to this time. According to the official announcement, the film will be released in June 2023. 

  • Spider Man 4
  • Of course, after all 15 Spider Man movies, you want more stories on this Peter Parker. Fortunately, it seems like Marvel Studios share the same interest. It was first indicated by Amy Pascal, MCU’s Spider Man trilogy producer, in November 2021 that they are thinking of the next three movies on Spider-verse.

    Considering the fact that Sony made the Venom-verse, and there is a vacant spot between two upcoming Avenger movies on the list, it is possible that Spider Man 4 is also on the way. Cherry on top, this speculation was then confirmed by Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio Head, in December the same year. Yeay!

In short, we have at least fourteen films to add in the Spider Man movies in order list and two more to add in the future. While watching in order is highly recommended to get a fun exploration on the Spider-verse, each movie is independently enjoyable as well. 

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