How to Watch Transformer Movies in the Best Way

How to Watch Transformer Movies in the Best Way

Transformer movies have been highly anticipated by fans for all the years. It began with the success of the Hasbro toys, and it soon becomes a major Hollywood movie franchise everyone seems to enjoy. You may have watched them a couple times, but it is still fun to rewatch all of them.

Transformer Movies by Release Date

Each release of the transformer movies was always welcomed warmly. Watching the entire movies based on the release dates is a very good idea. However, you shouldn’t expect to get the whole story in order then. It takes a little effort to understand but it is still easy at the same time. Here is your order based on the release date.

  1. Transformers
  2. This movie was released back in 2007, and it was the start of transformer fever. Directed by Michael Bay, this is the first transformer movies fans got to watch on screen. Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf are a couple in here and they get to interact a lot with Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee, Starscream, and Megatron. 

    In this movie, we get to the introduction to the ancient conflict, which is the fall of Cybertron. The chaotic moments in this movie made the success of this film too, human and robots are collided together in explosions in the battle. 

    This is also the first of the transformer movies that introduces us to significant characters in the franchise, and it felt fresh and entertaining at the same time. This first movie got everyone waiting for the next one very eagerly, not to mention sending all the casts into high steps in Hollywood.

  3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  4. This film was released back in 2009 and it was also the first sequel of transformer movies. Most of the actors were the same, including Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, and Josh Duhamel. Everyone was excited especially as this film has just the most excellent trailer. 

    The new character in this film is the Fallen. The plot begins as the Fallen came to earth and he is actually the master of Megatron and founder of Decepticons. Fallen tried to create chaos on earth. Meanwhile, the autobots and human force try to stop this evil plan. In this film, we get to see the most amazing battle between autobots and the force of Fallen.

    The second of transformer movies brings a different atmosphere and a new knowledge on the autobots world. Here, the sense of being an ally between the human and the auto bots is thicker. It is totally a worth movie to watch on weekend.     

  5. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  6. This film was released back in 2011 and Megan Fox is no longer a cast in here. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley replaced her as Sam’s new girlfriend, and it gives a little bit of a surprise element here. Despite the slight change, this is one of the most favourite transformer movies so far.

    This film was still directed by Michael Bay, and it is available for streaming online on many platforms. The plot of this film was even thicken by the fact that Sentinel Prime, the previous leader of Autobot, actually plans and evil scenario for earth. Once again, it was up to the autobots how to solve this problem.   

    There were a lot of fun details in the movie where Sam didn’t look really great, and when his parents came to visit, and more. Among the entire transformer movies, this one makes one with great humor scenes too. 

  7. Transformers: The Age of Extinction
  8. This film was released in 2014, and we should find new character in here. First, we got to see Mark Wahlberg here, portraying Cade Yeager. He would, later, fight along with his daughter and Optimus Prime to defend earth. Yes, we don’t have Sam anymore here.

    Unlike in the other transformer movies, earth was against two major threats this time. There was a group who planned to conquer the world including earth. Then, there was also a menace from ancient world too. In this fight, Yaeger and his daughter came side by side with Optimus Prime.

    One of the most interesting parts of this movie included the dinobots that took a lot of part in this film. However, this movie can be a little different, especially to those who expect Sam to appear here. It seemed new at first, but this film would successfully give you a new twists among the transformer movies.

  9. Transformers: The Last Knight
  10. You don’t need to worry where to watch this film because it is practically everywhere. Released in 2017, this one brought a plot twist to the story, comparing to the other transformer movies. Optimus Prime had been brainwashed and he was sent back to earth to collect seomthing belonged to Merlin.

    Unfortunately, this thing would be able to absorb energy from earth as well as bring back Cybertron. Earth needed to defend itself and to protect this thing. This was when you get more than one character of the first three transformer movies. Mark Wahlberg joined Glenn Morshower, John Turturro, and Josh Duhamel in this film. 

    In this film, we should feel a lot of changes even though Michael Bay was totally still on the board as in the other four transformer movies. In addition to it, this film marked the last chapter containing live action and there was an element of surprise when Anthony Hopkins decided to join arm in this movie.

  11. Bumblebee
  12. This particular film release date was December 18, 2018. According to the time setting, it should be the first movie to watch among other transformer movies. Why? It is because it went back to 1987, when Bumblebee hid on earth. The timeline clearly far earlier comparing to the others.

    In this film, the plot began with a girl and her father who found Bumblebee hiding. There were a lot of cute and funny scenes in this film, making it more Bumblebee than the other transformer movies. Of course, this story was way before Bumblebee met Sam.

    Bumblebee was officially announced as a reboot of this franchise. However, it was as entertaining and consistent to the rest transformer movies. In fact, due to the timeline of the story, it bcame the first movie fans should watch to understand from the start.     

The Newest Among Transformer Movies to Expect

The newest here isn’t about ride universal kids will like or other similar things but the upcoming Transformer movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

It was expected to be a sequel of Bumblebee. It is planned to be in theatre by June 9, 2023. As expected, this film is already highly anticipated, especially with its live action scenes. Surely, live action scenes are the best when it comes to transformer movies.

The setting was in 1994, and it involved three different fractions of Transformers. Two Brooklyn archaeologists get into this ancient conflict between Terrorcons, Predacons, and Maximals. Sadly, there is nothing more we can say about this except that these three clans will be join the war between human and Autobots against Decepticon on earth.

According to the trailer, Optimus Prime is going to appear again. This time, he is back as a protagonist and he will be in even more scenes in here. This film was mentioned to be more engaging and full of autobots live action than ever.

Inspired by a cartoon movie named Beast Wars, this film was reported to involve names we would love like Dominique Fishback, Pete Davidson, and Anthony Ramos, as well as Peter Cullen and Ron Periman. Considering the time setting, this should give us a real picture on how it all begins at the first place, the very start of all the transformer movies.

Michael Bay is still on board as the producer along with several other big names in this industry. Meanwhile, the production will be directed by Steven Caple Jr. 

Transformer Movies in Chronological Order

There is no exact formula on how to watch the transformer movies. Surely, if you are a fan, you must already watch the entire films based on the release date. Fortunately, with so many on the franchise had been released, it is also possible for us to watch these movies based on the chronological order of the story. If you would like to try, here is the order:

  1. Bumblebee
  2. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
  3. Transformers
  4. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  5. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  6. Transformers: Age of Extinction
  7. Transformers: The Last Knight

As you can see, it is a little different comparing to order based on the transformer movies release date. Yet, this will make an excellent watch list during a lockdown or when you want to get the stories straight. 

 It is maybe too rush to watch the transformer movies based on the chronological order now. The best way to do it is to wait for the new one released. This will complete the list. However, these transformer movies are perfect to watch in any order you think is best too. Give it a try and watch one now.

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