15 Must-Watch Christmas Movies

Santa Camp

Making a list of christmas movies to watch together with your family and relatives. It could be a challenging job to pick some titles that fits everybody taste. Some might find this job harder than writing Christmas shopping list. It shouldn’t be the case when you have some names in store. Here are some good titles worth to try!

  1. Falling For Christmas
  2. It ia a series listed in netflix. The casts include Lindsay Lohan as the main lead. What could go possibly wrong? If the combo is not that great yet, see the plot. A girl born into rich family is suffering from memory loss after an accident. A kind man who owns small hostel helps the girls. Romance is coming, but it has to take small steps at a time.

    In general, this is a predictable christmas movies. No twisted plot or any other surprises. While many point it as weakness, the audiences could actually enjoy the light story line. They should focus on the comedy and familiar novel romance.

  3. A Christmas Story Christmas
  4. Those who live long enough to watch the first movie in 1970 would cheer with joy. A Christmas Story Chrismas is the sequel of the old movie titled Christmas. The audience will see the main character age. The plot of this christmas movies still revolves around the main actor, following his reunion with some childhood friends.

    Looking for the link? It doesn’t belong to disney plus. The audience could go to HBO Max. Meet the old Ralphie, now working on his grey hair rather than on his bunny suit. The playful jokes would bring back the old memories. It would be a perfect pick for reunion with grandparents!

  5. Spirited
  6. Who could forget the classic tale from Charles Dicken? The remake version of Christmas Carol is often appear on the screen. It is almost become a must-have christmas movies, especially for children. A squeeze of twist is added to Spirited; it copies the general frame but then bend some corners to make edgy look.

    Remember how the ghosts from the past, present and future will change the heart of the protagonists? Spirited takes another path; the present spirit (Will Ferrell) will question his own journey after meeting Briggs played by Ryan Reynolds. Watch the movie now in amazon prime!

  7. Santa Camp
  8. Who says that christmas movies should always tell tales only? Allow the air to change by watching documentaries about how people spend their Christmas. Santa Camp is basically a club for those who wish to be a santa claus. People from different cultural background gather together to fulfill their dream.

    Don’t be surprised to see Mrs Clauses in the video. Since when classics Santa Claus belong exclusively for men? Those who could see the value of this camp will find the warm message in the end of the movie.  It is a fresh approach to spend leisure time while learning something meaningful.

  9. The Guardian of the Galaxy Holiday Special
  10. Choosing between super-hero movies and christmas movies is a hard job.One has super awe-some actions and another has the holiday vibe every one loves. What if the audience could have one title that offers both genres on the plate? The Guardian of the Galaxy Holiday Special will be the suitable answer.

    When Chirstmas is coming closer. Star Lord wish to experience the holiday. Hearing this, Star Lead’s family, Mantis and Drax, took pity on him. Therefore, they try to find the perfect gift for Star Lord. The jorney of seeking the gift has Marvel humour that the audience loves.

  11. Mickey Saves Christmas?
  12. As the pioneer of stop-motion animated film, Disney has birthed many iconic characters. One of the the most loved character is Mickey Mouse. He is funny, kind and has ideas in store to solve any problems. In the movie, Mickey is mostly seen with the dog name Pluto. This adorable trouble-maker duo will “saves Christmas” as a team.

    The formula of Disney’s christmas movies is a fix price: a clumsy decision starts the countdown to dissater. Only smart and brave character could avert the disaster. Pluto starts the trouble and Mickey helps him to find a way out. If their mission fails, no present will be delivered!

  13. Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Mystery
  14. There are many ways to spend movie time. Horror genre never miss the chance to make the audience’s heart beat rises. It could be the monster, the setting, music or the character itself. Who Killed Santa will bring the audiences to tag along in a murder case investigation. Expect to see some gruesome scenes, probably with a hint of blood.

    The main role of this christmas movies is detective Terry Seatlle. Spot the clues and build some theories! The real culprit and motives will be revealed in the end of the movie. Who could spot the criminal faster than the others?

  15. Glass Onion
  16. Looking for alternatives for detective movie suitable for christmas season? Glass Onion could be one of them. It follows the story of Benoit Blac, a detective assigned to solve new criminal case. The previous sequel successfully steal the audience’s heart: Knives Out.  The casts for Glass Onion is also starring in Knives Out.

    The christmas movies is available on Netflix starting from December 23rd. Don’t miss the date! Having small discussion about the movie sounds fun, especially if the family members love playing detective as well.

  17. Mountain Magic Christmas
  18. A show could never go wrong when it has Dolly Parton as the cast. Taking higher challenge to direct the musical and present it to the audience, Mountain Magic Christmas rises the expectation of fans. Released in December 1st 2022, this show will blow the audience’s mind.

    It won’t be wise to refuse the invitation before trying at least once. Having a musical for christmas movies is not a bad idea. Music will make the season even more joyful than ever! Dolly Parton, the experienced performer,  wouldn’t dare to give bad performance.

  19. A Hollywood Christmas
  20. Reading the title for the first time, what comes into the mind? Some might say how people spend their christmas in holywood. To be specific, A Hollywood Christmas will cover the story of a new filmmaker. She climbs faster after creating plenty of christmas movies.  Now she is a well-known producer.

    Problem rises when a young executive threatens her movie production. It is now time to be a real hero, trying to save the movie and her own christmas. Filming in 2021, A Hollywood Christmas is ready to bring the audience to a roller coaster of emotion.

  21. Hotel for Holidays
  22. Christmas is the season of joy and love. Let’s take the “love” part seriously in christmas movies. Hotel for Holidays is definitely a good example. The audience will watch how the hotel manager is locked into love triangle. The man is working as chef in the hotel. The manager’s rival would be a guest who turns out to be a princess.

    How will the story ends? Follow the whole story in Freevee for free. Forget about netflix and hulu!

  23. 12 Days of Christmas Eve
  24. Being a business man should not stop anyone from spending Christmas with their family. In 12 Days of Christmas Eve, Kelsey Grammer excels in his career. Looking closer into his private life, the family man is dying. Thus, this christmas movies starts when Grammer is hospitalized after a bad accident.

    A strict man who doesn’t believe in magic, gets a one time chance by Santa to fix his life. He has 12 days to spend with his family. What he does within this period will decide his fate in the remaining lifetime.

  25. A Christmas Mystery
  26. Bring the kids to an adventure by watching A Christmas Mystery. They will join forces with the siblings to find Santa’s bells. It is said that the bells will bring luck to the town. Unlike other christmas movies, the innocent thoughts and bravery of the kids occupy the center spot. How could they fulfill the wish list, including finding the missing santa’s bell, before Christmas day?

  27. Guillermo del Toro’s Pinnochio
  28. For a family with wider age range, animated movie would be the best pick. Watch together the classic tale of Pinnochio. This time, some new characters are included: rabbit made from skeleton and the magical wood spirit. It still steps on the original path, only with wider plot spectrum for older audience. Many scenes could make the adults cry.

  29. Strange World
  30. Love the wonderful quotes from the movies? Strange World has plenty of them. This is a sci-fi film from Disney. The audience will join a family journey into a world filled with monster. While trying to find the answer of their question, where ever the family spend the night, the host needs a little help.

In general, best christmas movies genre for family gathering is either the animated or the comedy one. They make the audience laugh and lead to a more enjoyable Christmas. Some people prefer to watch something nostalgic, a classic film related to the last Christmas. Pick one movie listed above and start watching with big family.

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