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Ant Man Movies

Ant Man movies has gain its popularity since its first series published on 2015. Currently, we have two movies and it is mentioned that there will be new movie on 2023. Coming from Marvel, one of best places on earth that produce many extraordinary heroes, all fans always enjoy how the plot of Ant Man movies keep the fun and action all together.

  1. Ant Man (2015)
  2. Director: Peyton Reed. Writer: Joe Cornish, Paul Rudd, Adam McKay, Edgar Wright. Starring: Paul Rudd, Corey Stoll, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña, Bobby Cannavale, Anthony Mackie, Tip "T.I." Harris, Judy Greer, Wood Harris, David Dastmalchian, Abby Ryder Fortson, Michael Douglas.

    The Ant Man movie begins with Hank Pym, a S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist who found out the company's attempt to duplicate his research about Ant Man custome technology. Soon, he chooses to leave the company knowing the danger of that attempt. He also decides to disappear from the public. Long short story, Pym’s daughter, Hope van Dyne, supported by Darren Cross, the former protégé, demands his leaving from his own company called Pym Technologies. It is soon revealed that Cross is making a similar shrinking suit technology like what Pym has. Cross calls his the Yellow Jacket. In this Ant Man movie, Pym is extremely horrified and worried about the consequences those might happen.

    In the other place and time in this Ant Man movie, Scott Lang, a well known thief has just been released from the prison. He is currently living with Luis, a friend that he met during his time in jail. Lang really wants to give surprise to his daughter, Cassie, by secretly visiting her. However, his ex-wife, Maggie and her fiancé, Paxton, who works as a police and a detective, sees it and chastised him for abandoning Cassie all this time. Being disappointed, Lang joins Louis' team to do criminal stuff. His first action is breaking into a house which sadly has no really precious stuff. However, Lang decides to bring a suit that he found interesting.

    Once he arrives at home, Lang in this Ant Man movie is trying to wear the suit he previously got. Surprisingly, Lang body is getting smaller, as small as an ant. Lang gets shocked and quickly removes the suit. He decides to return it back, yet his good deed brings him back to the jail. It is found out that the house belongs to Pym, the scientist who is working on his Ant Man project. Pym goes to the jail for visiting Lang. Secretly, he brings the suit and pass it to Lang in order to help him flee.

    The secret in this Ant Man movie is revealed. It is Pym who fools Luis at the first place by asking Luis crew, including Lang, to steal from his house. Pym tries to make Lang as the Ant-Man. Not only that, Pym wants Lang to take Cross' similar suit, the Yellow jacket. Van Dyne, Lang's daughter who finds out Cross' bad intention, joins Pym in training Lang to use his power to control ants and fight. Cross finally finishes his Yellow jacket project and holds a ceremony in Pym's company.

    In this movie, Ant Man movie, Lang and his team, Luis' crew and swarm of ants, sabotage the company and do the plan to steal the Yellow jacket. However, Cross tries to stop since he plans to sell the Yellow jacket and Ant Man suit to someone named Hydra. Lang tries to fight Cross back while the company is exploding. Paxton arrest Lang, and Cross takes Cassie with him to trigger Lang. Lang managed to fight back and survive. At the end of the story, Pym offers Van Dyne a Wasp suit.

  3. Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
  4. Director: Peyton Reed. Writer: Chris McKenna, Paul Rudd, Erik Sommers, Gabriel Ferrari, Andrew Barrer. Starring: Abby Ryder Fortson, paul rudd ,Michael Douglas, Bobby Cannavale ,Evangeline Lilly, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Peña ,Michelle Pfeiffer, Walton Goggins ,Randall Park, Tip "T.I." Harris, David Dastmalchian, Judy Greer, and Hannah John-Kamen.

    Three years after the first Ant Man movie was released, now we have the ant man 2. The story starts from two years after Lang was arrested. In the other, Hank Pym, joined by his daughter, Hope van Dyne, works hard to open the access that can bring them to Quantum Realm, a place where Pym believes his wife, Janet van Dyne is trapped. Back then, Janet was shrinked in 1987 and lost. It is found out that Lang previously visited Quantum Realm and somehow connected to Janet. As a result, she keeps on hearing messages from Janet.

    Learning that he keeps on getting message from Janet, Lang couldn’t stop there. He realizes that he must do something, or at least tell what he heard to Pym as the husband of Janette. Therefore, in this Ant Man movie Lang quickly makes a contact to Pym in the few days left before he will be set free. Even though they both are currently not in a good relationship due to Lang's interaction with avengers, Lang tells Pym about what he hears from Janet. Soon, Pym kidnaps Lang and replace his presence with a giant ant so FBI will not gain any suspicions. Now, those three works as a team to create a tunnel that can bring them to save Jane in the Quantum Realm. They buy things needed from Sonny Burch, a black market seller.

    To go to Quantum Realm, they need some stuff that they need to buy somewhere. All those stuff are needed, so they can build a vehicle that can bring them there and bring Janette back. Things don’t go well as they expected. Burch knows the potential of Pym's project and decides to double prize the products. Wearing Wasp outfit, Hope teaches Burch and his crew a lesson until she gets attacked by a masked woman. As Lang wants to help, she escapes using Pym's lab that sizes down to a size of suitcase. Pym meets Bill Foster, his former partner, who shows them how to find the lab. When those three finds it, the masked woman catches them and introduces herself as Ava Starr. In this Ant Man movie, her Father, Elihas, used to be Pym's partner but he and his wife died due to the experiment.

    Finishing the way to Quantum Realm, in this Ant Man movie Lang, Hope, and Pym is able to communicate with Janet. Those three go in, but they don't have much time. In the other place, Burch find those three's locaion and tip FBI about Lang's location. Lang's crewmate, Luis, warns Lang and asks him to save himself. Pym and Hope are taken by FBI, yet Lang can save both. Ava is there to stop them, yet Lang and Hope manage to distract her while Pym is entering the Quantum Realm. Ava is taking over the lab and absorbing Janet's energy. Janet lets Ava take some of her energy. Lang returns home, while Ava is hiding. At the end of the movie, Pym, Janet, Hope, and Lang harvest the quantum energy they have to support Ava.

  5. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023)
  6. Director: Peyton Reed. Writer: Jeff Loveness. Cast: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Evangeline Lilly, Jonathan Majors, Kathryn Newton, Randall Park, David Dastmalchian

    Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be the third Ant Man movie of this movie after Ant Man in 2015 and also the one in 2018, Ant Man and the Wasp. Incredibly, it is the 31st movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). 

    Fans around the world will be able to watch it as it will be relased next year, to be more specific on 17th February 2023. As all fans know, it has been Phase Five from MCU and it is the first movie from this phase. The characters are mostly the same. It is about Scott Lang who is the Ant Man and also Hope Pym who is the Wasp.

    In this Ant Man movie Peyton Reed takes in charge as the director, same like the previous ones. This third movie was confirmed in 2019 and its cast was announced in 202. The filming itself was in Turkey early in February 2021. Following, there was the additional filming in San Francisco, happened in June. 

    Briefly, the story is about Hope van Dyne (The Wasp) and Scott Lang (Ant Man). What makes it different in this movie is all main characters will go together to the Quantum Realm. The main characters are Scott Lang, Hope van Dyn, Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne, and Cassie.

    In Quantum Realm, they all will face many challenges. That place forces them out of their comfort zone. The main villain for this Ant Man movie is Kang the Conqueror that has not been explained yet.

Watching Ant Man movie are interesting while waiting for the realease date one next year, or at least the trailer for or the poster. We are definitely looking forward to Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne’s journey in using their power agains the evil.

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