Which One Is The Badass: Guardians of the Galaxy Characters in Comic vs Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy

Have you watched Marvel cartoon entitled Guardians of the Galaxy? This movie is definitely a 10, not only for the sensible jokes but also for the badass characters. Adapted from comics published back in 1960s, the heroes get a little touch up both on their appearances and their background story. Are the altered characters cooler than the comic version?

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 1

You might label this movie as the mood maker in the MCU. When the other heroes are set to complicated mission to save lives with cool skills and hard-to-defeat enemies, the Guardians of the Galaxy team seems to take a stroll. Well, this is not the case in the comic.

All the easter eggs from trailer official is non-existent in the book. The setting was 31st century and an alien race is targeting Earth solar system. You might expect the hero to be someone familiar, but they turn out to be the last of their kind. They accept the mission and take Guardians of the Galaxy as their name. None of them are born angel. Each one carries hidden dark past.

From the comic background, the creator of the movie, Roy Thomas, re-interpret the idea. He proposes a battle between the lone fighters with superhuman and Russian Chinese soldiers. If this proposal passes, there will be extra auditions. Thankfully, when the idea reaches Stan Lee and the writer Arnold Drake, they change it into inter-galaxy adventure.

  • Peter Quill (Star Lord)
  • Have you meet the head of the team? Although Guardians of the Galaxy are independent fighters, they still need someone to take the lead. This job belongs to Peter Quill. The movie personality of Peter Quill is built by the director James Gunn. A lot of his original traits are stripped to fit into today’s story line.

    Referring to the comic, Peter Quill was the son of Meredith, a human and J’Son, an alien. Peter Quill’s ship had emergency landing on earth where he then met Meredith. Later after the death of the parents, Peter was abducted by alien pirates. They are  coming out to find Peter because he is JSon’s descendat, the king in another planet. So, Peter is the heir.

    The power written in comic book was a lot cooler than the movie cast. Peter has cannon hands that could blast and destroy the enemies within seconds. He wears nano tech mask and red leather duster. In his inter-galaxtic journey, he then met Yondu and the Ravangers.

  • Drax the Destroyer
  • Living alone after the death of his wive and children, Drax the Destroyer swear to take revenge to the killers. This is how you see the muscular grey bluish character in the movie. He cannot take jokes or crack jokes like baby rocket, but this flaw is covered with his exceptional hand to hand combat.

    The comic version has darker yet clear purpose. Yes, Drax the Destroyer lose his life and wife but his daughter is taken by Thanos. Then, an enemy named Kronos is building a creature to defeat Thanos. He captures the spirit of Douglas, the human name of Drax. Kronos stitch the spirit into his own monster, creating a being whose purpose is killing Thanos.

  • Groot
  • Nearing the release date of the end of the next movie, there is one character that steals the scene: groot. With only one word to say, groot will still be seen as the cute and kind tree creature. In the comic, Groot comes to earth to bring human and experiment rats in Planet X. They are as tall as 25 feet, not a tiny creature you see on screen.

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2

More characters appear in the second movie. Probably the Marvel Universe agrees with the saying “the more the merrier”. Again, Guardians of the Galaxy adaptation result stray a little bit too far from the original picture.

  • Gamora
  • If you have a chance to see the comic visualization of Gamora, you can’t help but imagine Zoe Saldana dressed as comic description. At the first sight, Gamora looks so similar to Poison Ivy. Yes, she is all green and wear skin-tight dress. She introduces herself as “deadliest women in the galaxy”, fits to the theme soundtrack. Well, with her killer moves, Gamora is not someone anyone could beat easily.

    As a representative of strong female fighter, the dress is deemed to revealing by some of the readers. This claim is getting even hotter in the 2007 comic called “Nova”. Gamora’s body proportion is altered until it makes no senses. She is too curvy for any female with thin waist. Thankfully the full movie choose to skip this part.

  • Drax the Destroyer
  • Do you know that Drax the Destroyer is supposed to be green? In the comic version of Guardians of the Galaxy, the well-built Drax has green skin. It is still a mystery why the creator won’t use the original skin tone for Drax.

    Another skill that could help a lot during Drax fight is the ability to fly. Just like Superman, Drax has a cape. He could fly, at least in the 1960s comic. The modern version cross the skill and increase the bad guy strenghs and combat traits instead.

  • Rocket Raccoon
  • What is your first impression of Rocket Racoon? He is probably the second cutest after Groot. But behold, he is one of the strongest member of Guardians of the Galaxy. He knows when to fight and what to pull to defeat the enemies.

    So how could a racoon has such intelegence bars rose higher than human? The answer could be found in the comic. Rocket was named Rocky. He is one of the experiement animals. Along with other fellows, Rocky is genetically modified with planted human intelligence. Later, Peter Quill convinced him to join the team.

  • Nebula
  • She is introduced as Gamora’s sister in the comic book. Nebula has no hair, but the original version shows different image of her. In one story, she has long wavy hair and in another, she already cut off all the hair. Which one is the inspiration for the film? The closest guess would be the story published in 2006. Download the comic if you doubt this.

    What is the relation between Nebula and Thanos? In the movie streaming, Nebula is Thanos’ daughter as well as Gamora. Nebula hates her father for changing her body into robot. This is different from the comic. You will see a space pirate who announce herself as the grand daughter of Thanos. Nebula becomes robot as the result of doctor’s work, not Thanos.

  • Mantis
  • No doubt, Mantis has green skin on the  Guardians of the Galaxy movie; light green to be precise. In the comic, you will see even bolder green skin for Mantis. Other than the skin alteration, she is also Ego’s assistant as well as fixed member of Avengers.

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Are you excited for the upcoming movie? The waiting is over! Team Guardians of the Galaxy will go through another journey in different galaxy. After losing Gamora in a battle, the team must carry on their mission to keep the galaxies safe. It would be a hard job for Peter Quill, the leader. This mission may end the team if they fail.

From the trailer, everything seems fine. Team has a blasting travel journey from one galaxy to another, saving the planets. As always, you could be the collector of some funny clips during the war. You will also see different Gamora. The old one has died in Thanos hand. This is the Gamora taken from another universe.

Probably the most notable clips other than combat cuts is Rocket the Racoon. He is seen to hug Lila the Otter emotionally, making the audience wonder. After that, the line “Peter, I’m done running.” is said. Is this the end for Raccoon?What is happening? The die-hard fans must have read about Lila, as she is Rocket’s crush.

Many has expected to see more stories of Racoon, especially his humane side. If love is part of the reason for Rocket departure, there must be a background story for the character. Finally, the viewers will know Rocket’s journey before he travels together with Guardians of the Galaxy.

You could also expect two new characters. They are Adam Warlock and High Evolutionary. If you haven’t read the comic, then you need to know that Adam Warlock is one of the top entities in Marvel Universe. In the other word, these two might be the final boss Guardians of the Galaxy has to face. Will they be stronger than ronan?

The hint of volume 3 movie could be seen on another big screen Thor: Love and Thunder. Here, Thor and the responds to the call of help from a far planet. The villain is a God Butcherer. Here, Peter suggests the team split so they could help more planets.

Without doubt, Guardians of the Galaxy gains massive popularity thanks to their unique physical traits and also their ability. Even their team work interaction is fun to watch. However, things might be different if the producer follows the original back story taken from the comic. Using the comic approach, there will be less comedy and darker story.

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